broadbond: Fast, robust connectivity

broadbond combines multiple network connections to provide a single logical connection which delivers their combined bandwidth. broadbond can be used to combine multiple ADSL circuits for a faster and more robust Internet connection. broadbond can also be used within an enterprise for point to point virtual private network links.

Example Results

The following chart illustrates the bandwidth usable by a single TCP flow—in this case, an HTTP download of a 48.6MB compressed file from Each test was conducted three times and the average taken.

This site uses broadbond over three ADSL lines from one supplier and one ADSL line from a second supplier. The tests were conducted separately over each individual ADSL line, and then over the same four lines bonded using broadbond.

broadbond performance chart

Contact Details

The broadbond software is developed by Deus Ex Machina Ltd.

We can handle any or all of the arrangements for a fully managed hassle-free Internet connection. We can provide the ADSL lines, routers for your office, co-located routers in the data center, and handle the entire installation, setup and migration from an existing connection.

The broadbond software is also available in packages suitable for resale by internet service providers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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